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About SMGL Group's Essential Oil
Essential oils, or 'essences' as they are also called, are highly concentrated substances extracted from various parts of aromatic plants and trees. They are usually captured by steam distillation, a process whose origins can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia. Unlike ordinary vegetable oils, such as corn and olive, plant essences are highly
volatile and will evaporate if left in the open air. The chemistry of essential oils is complex. Most consist of hundreds of components, such as terpenes, alcohols, aldehydes, and esters. For this reason a single oil can help a wide variety of disorders. Lavender, for instance, is endowed with antiseptic, antibacterial, antibiotic, antidepressant, analgesic, decongestant and sedative properties. Moreover, due to their tiny molecular structure, essential oils applied to the skin can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

SMGL-GROUP distributes essential oils from several distilleries World Wide. We have family-owned and operated distilleries that we represent are located close to the city of KANNUJ, U.P,INDIA where the high altitude wild growing plant material is gathered for distillation.

The owners of the distilleries have many years of experience in producing essential oils. They work closely with local farmers and plant gatherers to create oils only from ethically cultivated, wild and organic plants.

We are proud that one of our distilleries is now certified organic. Although the other distilleries have not completed the certification process yet, you can be assured that the plants they use are not treated with harsh chemicals.


100% pure and natural essential oils
Steam distilled in INDIA
GC-MS certificates of analysis available with orders
Ethically farmed, wild-gathered or organic plant material

Low prices, because all oils come directly from the distiller
Shipping charges are only the exact cost of shipping
No handling fees, secure and environmentally friendly packaging: we recycle and reuse packing materials

Attentive service and fast turnaround
A variety of quantities: from 4 oz. (1/2 oz. for Rose oil) to drums
Your choice of shipping method

A Company, which has built a reputation for supplying natural products of the highest quality. Our essential oils are sourced from different countries all over the world and only those that have derived from a named botanical species from a given origin are considered.

We are one of the leading natural and organic personal care manufacturers in the industry and we are an FDA Registered, USDA Organic Certified and cGMP Compliant facility, with one of the largest selections of naturally derived cosmetic bases in the world. We are members of the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors (ICMAD), the Organic Trade Association (OTA), Private Label Manufacturing Association (PLMA) and many other trade groups.

We also purchase products in bulk and then bottle and label ourselves, cutting out the "middle men" that most aromatherapy companies use. Our bulk purchasing allows us to provide our premium products at lower prices - passing the savings on to our customers.

All products are shipped from Jaipur,Rajasthan,INDIA. For more information about shipping time and cost, please refer to our shipping section. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, send an email to: and we will try and source it for you.



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