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100% Pure and Organic Rose Oil. Rose Oil extracted from Hydro Distilled of Rose flowers.
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25 5ml.
50 10ml.
125 25ml.
150 30ml.
250 50ml.
499 100ml.
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It is Reconstituted version of Pure Rose Oil Ex Rosa Damascena
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10 5ml.
20 10ml.
50 25ml.
60 30ml.
100 50ml.
200 100ml.
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It is the reconstituted version of extreamly costly Rose de Mai Essential oil. There are over 10	000 types of cultivated rose and several subspecies of R. centifolia. The essential oil that we obtain from cabbage rose is actually a rose absolute which is a refined	 liquid extraction of fragrant compounds from the fresh blossom. Although absolutes contain essential oil compounds they differ from distilled essential oils. An absolute is a refinement of a concrete	 which is a thick	 fragrant material extracted from the plant using a hydrocarbon solvent. The concrete contains essential oils	 fatty acids and waxes. Absolutes are extracted from concretes with pure alcohol. The alcohol dissolves and absorbs the fragrant material from the concrete. Waxes	 fats and other non-aromatic contents precipitate out and are removed by filtering. The alcohol is removed through evaporation. Whats left behind is the pure	 fragrant absolute - a concentration of aromatic compounds including essential oil constituents. Cabbage rose oil production is strictly a hybrid involving R. x centifolia	 R. gallica and a few other roses. This particular rose can grow to a height of 8 feet and has a mass of pink or rosy-purple flowers. Most rose absolute is produced in Morocco in the valleys between the High Atlas and Jbel Sarhro mountains east of Marrakech.
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10 5ml.
18 10ml.
40 25ml.
125 100ml.
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6 5ml.
12 10ml.
30 25ml.
36 30ml.
60 50ml.
120 100ml.
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It is 100% Pure and Natural Attar of Rose. Rose Attar is prepared by applied hundreds of kilos of flowers into sandalwood oil.
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16 5ml.
40 10ml.
140 50ml.
250 100ml.
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Rose Absolute ex Rosa Damascena is produced using Solvent Extraction of flower petals in February  March and July  October months. It has very sensual as well as attractive aroma of rose. This sweetness of floral fragrance can be used in perfume making	 skin care as well as food flavors. The Absolute of Rose is suitable for all skin types and highly comfortable for cell rejuvenation	 antiseptic treatment and it is also known for its anti inflammatory properties.Rose Absolute oil : Rosa Damascena blends well with Chamomile German oil	 Vanilla Oil	 Ylang Ylang Essential Oil and Sandalwood Oil etc.Caution: Rose Absolute is Non Sensitizing	 Non-Irritant	 Non-Toxic
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15 5ml.
30 10ml.
75 25ml.
90 30ml.
150 50ml.
300 100ml.
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