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Handling System
Essential oils can be aggressive toward
rubbers and plastics so care must be taken in choosing the correct handling equipment. Glass syringes are often used but have coarse volumetric graduations. Chemistry syringes are ideal as they resist essential oils, are long enough to enter deep vessels, and have fine graduations,
facilitating quality control. Unlike traditional pipettes which have difficulty handling viscous fluids, the chemistry syringe has a seal and piston arrangement which slides inside the pipette, wiping the essential oil off the pipette wall. This improves accuracy, and the inside of the pipette is easy to clean and reuse immediately. Chemistry pipetting syringes are equal in accuracy to the best laboratory equipment and are available in sizes from 1 mL through 25 mL.

Pregnancy : The use of essential oils in pregnancy is not recommended due to inadequate published evidence to demonstrate evidence of safety.
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